Would you like to learn more? Are you curious about my work, need information about my clients or my professional background? References for marketing or fashion design can be provided upon request. Simply complete this contact form, send an e-mail or call me. I will be happy to provide you with information. These three projects give you a first impression. 

Reference projects

Photo Shoot

Concept and implementation

Direct Marketing

“Generating new business for a logistics company”
Direct mail concept and implementation


“Promoting sales for apparel industry interlining supplier” Trend analysis, concept and implementation

Customer portfolio

  • AWZ Rhein-Neckar GmbH
  • Daniel Fendler
  • Daniel Hechter
  • Freudenberg
  • Sieger Design
  • Theater der Stadt Koblenz
  • TTM Internationale Spedition
  • Vivienne Westwood ...